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The city was named for the nearby Wenatchi Indian tribe.The name is a Sahaptin word that means "river which comes [or whose source is] from canyons" or "robe of the rainbow".

Tinder dating site is the hottest dating app on the planet with millions registered users from everywhere in the world.Wenatchee is the principal city of the Wenatchee–East Wenatchee, Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area, which encompasses all of Chelan and Douglas counties (total population around 110,884).However, the 'Wenatchee Valley Area' generally refers to the land between Rocky Reach and Rock Island Dam on both banks of the Columbia, which includes East Wenatchee, Rock Island, and Malaga.Until the East Wenatchee Clovis site was discovered the northwest was an area practically unknown for any significant Clovis discoveries. They are camp sites with little or no stone tool manufacturing, camp sites that were near a raw material source that produced new stone tools and large waste flakes, kill sites and cache sites.By far the rarest of these are the kill and cache sites.Some of NASCAR's pioneers were veteran modified racers long before NASCAR's inception in 1949. Racing at Evergreen Speedway was an interesting evening to say the least. Twelve teams showed-up to race; unfortunately, one team trailered early due to hitting the wall during practice. Devin Eierman #6 car and pit crew had another incredible evening, taking 1st place in the Main Event and 3rd in the A-Heat race.


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