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While perusing through Bure's Facebook page, it's evident that some of the actress' fans are taken back by "Fuller House" and the heavy adult content."We were promised over and over again that this would be the 'family friendly' show that we loved in the original 'Full House,'" one Facebook user wrote. There were some good points, but sadly, they were overshadowed by the very ugly parts," another added.Her sister Stephanie offers to move in and help her raise her sons, and Kimmy, her best friend, also moves in with her teenage daughter Romona.The 13 short episodes take viewers on a ride of family, motherhood, the party life and dating.Timmy responds that he became a citizen over a decade ago.The question is, why would a "work visa" be needed for a US citizen in the last episode of the show's run?Although family focused, there is a lot of reference to alcohol and crude humor.Bure's character is also eventually caught in a love triangle, which has the actress locking lips with multiple men quite often.

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Toody, the short, stocky and dim-witted one either saves the day or muffs things up much to the chagrin of Muldoon, the tall, lanky and smart one.See full summary » This "All In The Family" spin-off centers around Edith's cousin, Maude Findlay.She's a liberal, independent woman living in Tuckahoe, NY with her fourth husband Walter, owner of Findlay's ...He's Indian and he's arranged in a marriage according to his parents.Anyway, I enjoy having Timmy and Spade on as much as the other cast members.Oliver Hudson plays the long engaged man and I forget his fiancé. This season, they have hired Timmy who is wonderfully played by Raj from Aliens in America series.


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