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It first aired on Australia's Channel Ten in 2006, and later on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and ZDF.

The series currently runs on TV in over 100 countries all over the world and has an audience of more than 250 million.

The series can be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu in the United States.

O in Australia) is a AFI & Logie award-winning Australian television series.

Adam used Ricky to carry out a revenge scheme against Brax and his brothers.

Brax and Ricky later developed a relationship, which put some pressure on Sveen as Brax's previous relationship with Charlie Buckton (Esther Anderson) had been popular with viewers.

Altman was the fittest and fastest runner in the club which was why he was approached by Takei, who asked Altman to be his trainer.

Their relationship grew from the running club and the two became romantically involved, although they kept their relationship a secret for almost two decades before coming out of the closet.


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