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Any helpful doctor needs to be careful if he wants to diagnose a child with low IQ, parents will often be like, "my kid is not stupid! The solution to the offense issue is: if you are a nerd, and you find what I write here does not apply to you, good: you are not in the subset of nerds who need helping!You are a happy, well-adjusted person with some "nerdy" interests and preferences, which is entirely OK but also relatively uninteresting, I simply don't want to discuss that because that is mostly like discussing why some people don't like mushroom on their pizza: maybe borderline curious, but not important. Human suffering is what matters, and if I can help a hundred people who suffer while offending ten who do not understand that I am not talking about them, it is a good trade.Motivated reasoning and offense SSC wrote we don't yet have a science of nerds. My proposal is to use motivated reasoning and focus on the of nerds who suffer and need helping.But for three Mercer Island High Schoolers, that wasn’t enough. Read More Editor’s Note: Nerd Notes is Geek Wire’s roundup of random geekiness from around the globe.National Day of Unplugging (NDU): Beginning tonight at sunset, and ending 24 hours later, citizens across the…Editor’s Note: Nerd Notes is Geek Wire’s roundup of random geekiness from around the globe. If you refer a developer or designer to Seattle startup Energy Savvy and he…

It is a bad idea to disagree Professor Dumbledore … Harryxdraco, Ronxhermione and more to be announced.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizzy. Here she goes through life pretending to not know the infamous Professor Snape. Join our fav characters on a chaotic ride through breakups, cheating, heartbreak, lying and much, much more in this very interesting 'book'. They decide to give it a try, but then something big happens that can change things.

Please follow me on Tumblr: Fandoms: Harry Potter, Starkid, Doctor Who, Sherlock BBC, Supernatural, Greek, Star Trek, Big Time Rush, High School Musical, Marvel, Spiderman, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Youtubers, Glee, Musicals (Broadway/West End/movies), Disney, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, DC, The Flash, Arrow, Nerdfighteria, TFIOS, Whedonverse, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Once Upon A Time, ... has no wish to get in touch with his ‘feminine side’. Begins in year 1 as introduction but skips to later year. On opening night of SPACE tour, the Starkids receive a challenge from Darren. Will Logan and Kendall get through it or will they have to end it? Tired of the sneaking around, tired of the empty bed and cold sheets the morning after, and tired of being 'casual'.

They both know the sacrifices that come with caring for others, but, over time, they learn what it means to want something for themselves. Dean, big-brother Castiel, and a whole lot of adorableness. Supporting characters include Gabriel, Anna, Sam, Ellen and Bobby - and one delightful appearance from Missouri Moseley. Dean never dreamt that he’d be convinced into attending a yoga class with him by the end of the evaluation.(Putting this in the canon rec AND the AU rec because it’s Dean Smith/Castiel Adler, and could technically fit into the It’s a Terrible Life! It’s only 6k but it’s worthy of being called slow build.

Getting together isn’t dragged out (they get together before the halfway point) so there’s time to worry about Dean outing himself to his coworkers. Dean is about to go on a brutal diet and his boss (Cas) changes his mind… And I think Dean has a glass kink, what with all his enthusiasm for glass dildos. Sequel:» He’s Oh, So Healthy in His Body and His Mind2,800 words, NC-17Summary: Dean has a surprise for Cas, and gets surprised in return.


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