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Demi and Wilmer were the longest standing couple of the bunch, calling it off after almost 6 years of dating.

That friend is my brother @nickjonas and I'm so thankful for our friendship.26 September 1982When Nicolo Giambaccinni christens a new ocean liner, it blows up. Murder suspects include his daughter Serena, his mistress Karen Ann, Karen Ann's agent Cody, and investor Wildcat Callahan.3 October 1982Tabloid publisher Al Brodax is nearly electrocuted beside his pool.31 October 1982Actress Ramona Landers reports to the set of her comeback film.Her young costar Todd Gallagher accuses her of drunkenness, then gulps her drink and dies of poisoning.The prime suspects tried to sue him and lost: ex-con Hanrahan who became a scapegoat for his legal troubles; mobster Ross; a sexy centerfold; and a bigamist magician.


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