Dating someone with a colostomy

Along with thousands of other people, I’m living proof that you can meet someone after you’ve had your surgery and fall in love/be fallen in love with.

No relationship is perfect, but I’ll tell you one thing – none of the imperfections of my relationship have been because of my ostomy.

When you were talking to your surgeon about getting an ostomy, hopefully they told you you can do anything with an ostomy that you did before.

Dating and sex are included in that blanket statement.

That's fine and understandable though I wish the door wasn't halfway closed knowing I will never ...

It has been a LONG time since I was last involved in the dating scene as my marriage of twenty years just imploded.

I am so worried that I will never find someone who will accept the fact that I have an ostomy. Good question, I look forward to seeing the answer.Some people may find that a peculiar statement; however, here's proof of that place within: If I give you a specific answer to your question, you will not embrace that answer if it doesn't resonate with that place within you, and there's your proof that something within you knows more than part of you realizes.I'll now give you one of many possible answers to your question so you can sense how that place within you responds: Allow your partner to be the one to initiate intimacy, and when he does stop him by saying there's something you want to share with him that may affect his desire.I feel so embarrassed asking these questions, but I don't know who else to ask.. ( I fear there will be some comment about if they love you they well accept you as you are) Good luck with your relationship though hope it works out well for you Ady Thanks Ady, I have been told "It shouldn't matter how you tell them as long as they really love you, there shouldn't be any reason why he won't accept it." I find this hard to believe, I think it's alot for someone to accept and be ok with it, but who knows maybe he will understand! I have ordered from ostomy secrets but there products are just so uncomfortable. I ordered a bunch of them but don't dare to use those during intimacy because they leak and then having to put them on before or take them off afterwards takes a toll on the skin......Ughhh This is a challenging question Beccalea ~ in my experience there's a place deep within each of us where answers to challenging questions can materialize.I asked people their opinions on when you should share the news and what kinds of tips they had, as well as how they would do it.


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