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The theory of multiple intelligences is an effort to understand how cultures and disciplines shape human potential.

Though both theories claim that dominant ideologies of intelligence inhibit our understanding of human differences, learning styles are concerned with differences in the process of learning, whereas multiple intelligences center on the content and products of learning. Those who speak of learning styles are searching for approaches that ought to characterize all contents (p. We believe that the integration of learning styles and multiple intelligence theory may minimize their respective limitations and enhance their strengths, and we provide some practical suggestions for teachers to successfully integrate and apply learning styles and multiple intelligence theory in the classroom.

Simply conducting field studies does not ensure that we will achieve optimal educational benefits for our students.

In many cases, the social aspect of the field trip overshadows the learning aspect (Orion and Hofstein 1991).

Our approximate breakdown of the percentages of people with strengths in each style is as follows: Mastery, 35 percent; Understanding, 18 percent; Self-Expressive, 12 percent; and Interpersonal, 35 percent (Silver and Strong 1997).Even physics classes, long relegated to the laboratory, are now going to amusement parks to study the physics of rollercoasters and free-fall rides.When we design and conduct field studies, however, do we really think about how we can make them pedagogically successful endeavors?One major achievement of this meeting was the presentation and approval of regulations to govern the management of the organization in an effort to make it more efficient and transparent.Opening of the Xunantunich Education Centre The Making Tourism Benefit Communities Adjacent to Archaeological Sites (MTBCAAS) project has achieved yet another important milestone, with the completion of The Xunantunich Education Centre, as well as infrastructure improvements and installation of signs at this site.One way to address that challenge is through effective lesson planning.


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